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OFRN - March 2021 Newsletter

Welcome to the new edition of our monthly newsletter! With so many great things happening at within our parent company, Parallax Advanced Research, we decided to consolidate our latest news and events [...]

City of Hilliard, LIFT Aircraft, GhostWave Inc. and Parallax Advanced Research propose new, life-saving technology on Ohio’s first flying car

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: March 18, 2021 Hilliard, Ohio – The City of Hilliard, GhostWave, Inc., LIFT Aircraft, and Parallax Advanced Research are discussing the potential implementation of a new, life [...]

OFRN Monthly Newsletter - February 2021

Check out our February newsletter to stay up to date on the latest in OFRN news, events and special announcements.

International Day For Women And Girls In Science 2021: Electrical and Computer Engineer Julia Zhang

Julia Zhang is an assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering at The Ohio State University (OSU), where she earned her Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering. She is an expert in alternating [...]

OFRN Monthly Newsletter - January 2021

Check out our January newsletter to stay up to date on the latest in OFRN news, events and special announcements.

The Ohio Federal Research Network (OFRN) announces Round 5: Sustaining Ohio's Aeronautical Readiness and Innovation in the Next Generation (SOARING) Initiative

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Dec. 7, 2020 Parallax Advanced Research’s OFRN program initiative is open for applications Dayton, Ohio – The OFRN, a program of Parallax Advanced Research, announced that its [...]

OFRN Round 5 Pre-Release Info Session Webinar Overview with Timestamps

On November 18, 2020, the Ohio Federal Research Network (OFRN) hosted its Sustaining Ohio’s Aeronautical Readiness and Innovation in the Next Generation (SOARING) Initiative Round 5 Pre-Release Info [...]

Cal Analytics’ introduces Contingency Management Platform and Detect & Avoid Services to reduce risks of drone operations

Beavercreek, OH – CAL Analytics, based near Dayton, Ohio, is introducing a newly developed Contingency Management Platform (CMP) designed to provide a much-needed safety layer to drone operations for [...]

Ohio Federal Research Network reports results of novel SOARING initiative UAS projects

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Nov. 10, 2020 DAYTON – The Ohio Federal Research Network (OFRN) hosted a demonstration of its “Sustaining Ohio's Aeronautical Readiness and Innovation in the Next Generation [...]

The Ohio Federal Research Network awards $7.5 million in grants to advance unmanned aerial systems innovations 

DAYTON, Ohio -- The Ohio Federal Research Network (OFRN) today announced that it has awarded $7.5 million in grants to six projects in round four of the organization’s Sustaining Ohio Aeronautical [...]

Ohio Federal Research Network team demos battery with double lifespan

(Springfield, OH)… An Ohio Federal Research Network (OFRN) project team, led by Dr. Vikas Prakash of Case Western Reserve University, successfully flew a drone outfitted with structural batteries for [...]

Ohio Federal Research Network Pools Research on Next-Generation Battery

(Dayton, Ohio)… A new Lithium-Sulfur battery being developed in an Ohio research collaboration can store two to three times as much energy as the most efficient Lithium-Ion battery on the market. Over [...]

Jet Engine Efficiency is Focus of Ohio Federal Research Network

(Columbus, Ohio)… The hotter a jet engine can run, the more efficiently it can generate power. Because of the cross-disciplinary applications for jet engines or gas turbines — from flying a military [...]

Creating more Transparency when Humans Interact with Big Data

(Dayton, Ohio) …Whether we are always aware of it, humans are interacting with machine learning programs, and their algorithms, more and more each day. Decisions such as which customer service [...]

OFRN Awards $6.3 million in Round 3 Grants to Advance UAV Innovations

The Ohio Federal Research Network (OFRN) awarded $6.3 million to four teams in support of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) research and development (R&D). Funding was awarded under OFRN’s Sustaining Ohio [...]

Sweat Sensing Research Making Breakthroughs in Noninvasive Biochemical Data Collection

OFRN PRESS RELEASE – June 26, 2018 (Cincinnati, Ohio) … Every day, vast amounts of data are being collected about us from our cell phones, computers, and even our homes, yet the ways to gather data [...]

Ohio Researchers from Academia, Government and Business Work to Create More Trust in Autonomous Systems

(Dayton, Ohio) …. Autonomous vehicles are increasingly becoming part of the public discourse. Last year, Ohio passed legislation to allow autonomous delivery robots on sidewalks and just this past [...]

Motion Sickness linked to Lower Back Pain for many U.S. Naval Aircrew

What’s the number one complaint for U.S. Navy Aircrew? Surprisingly enough, one of the top issues for Naval aircrew is lower back pain – something to which most of us can relate. But in the US [...]

Ohio Engineering Team Leading Way in Smart Material Research

From aviation, to automation, to biomedicine, one consistent problem engineers are working to improve is the science of creating motion, known as actuation. Researchers have been studying smart [...]

Building a Better Battery through the Ohio Federal Research Network

Whether it’s for a cell phone, laptop, or camera, people always complain about their batteries. The problems remain the same – the amount of time needed between recharge as well as the overall life of [...]