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Brook Park, Ohio – On December 5, 2023, key stakeholders in aerospace and defense joined to expand collaborative research and innovation between NASA Glenn Research Center (NASA GRC) and the Ohio Federal Research Network (OFRN). The aim of the event was to broaden and deepen mutual awareness and collaboration opportunities between the NASA Glenn Research Center and the Industrial and Academic communities in Ohio as enabled by the OFRN program.

The event took place at the Ohio Aerospace Institute (OAI), next door to the NASA GRC facilities. OAI is wholly affiliated with Parallax Advanced Research.  

NASA GRC Meeting


The morning event program was as follows:

  • Welcoming remarks by Dr. Andy Gyekenyesi, Director of Research, Parallax Advanced Research, Ohio Aerospace Institute
  • OFRN and Great Lakes MAC overview presentation by Mark Bartman, Maj Gen (Ret.), USAF, VP for Advanced Development, Parallax Advanced Research
  • NASA Glenn Research and Technology Overviews by Deputy Director of Research and Division Chiefs, including
    • Ajay Misra – Overview of NASA Glenn R&D efforts  
    • Dawn Emerson – Communications and Intelligent Systems  
    • Tim Ruffner – Power Systems  
    • Joyce Dever – Materials and Structures  
    • Dr. George Schmidt - Propulsion Overview
  • OFRN Round 4, 5, and 6 project presentations with Q&A
    • Hypersonics: Gradient Alloy Processing in Laser Powder Bed Fusion for Hypersonic Applications - Presented by Dr. Ala Qattawi, Assistant Professor, Mechanical, Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering at the University of Toledo
    • Human Performance: Ocular and Physio-Temporal Indicators of Cognitive State (OPTICS) - Presented by Dr. Brad Minnery, founder and CEO of Kairos Research
    • High Power Energy Conversion: High Bandwidth Light Weight Modular GaN Based Utility Interactive DC Emulator - Presented by Dr. Yilmaz Sozer, Distinguished Professor (TT), Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering at University of Akron
    • Digital Engineering Tools: A Machine Learning Framework for Digital Engineering of Hypersonic Vehicles with Quantified Prediction Uncertainty (Hypersonic ML FW) - Presented by Dr. George Dalton, Vice President, Intelligence and Sensing. CFD Research Corporation
    • Commercial Space in Low Earth Orbit: Structural Materials Joining in Space - Presented by Dr. Antonio Ramirez, Professor, Welding Engineering in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, The Ohio State University
    • Quantum Sensing Technologies: Quantum Sensor System using Rydberg Atoms - Presented by Dr. Charles Cerny, AFRL/RYMP
    • LAWN - Low Altitude Weather Network - Presented by Dr. Chad Mourning, Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Ohio University
    • Geometrically Complex 3D Printed Antennas for UAVs - Presented by Ed Burden, electrical engineer and senior lecturer at Youngstown State University

In the afternoon, participants were shuttled to the NASA GRC facilities where they toured the Advanced Communications Facility, Zero-Gravity Facility, among others.

NASA Tours


John Owen, OFRN Program Manager, said, "This event was a great way to connect the previous OFRN funding round participants with NASA GRC, AFRL, and others with interest in their focus areas. It's always a pleasure to connect with previous and current OFRN participants." 

Thank you to the event speakers, participants, and NASA GRC for making this a great event! To learn more about the Ohio Federal Research Network and its funded projects, visit:  


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