OFRN Round 6 is now closed.  A list of awarded projects can be found in the November 17, 2023 press release.

Round 6 Solicitation released 3/1/2023

The OFRN Round 6 Opportunity Announcement is focused on expanding Ohio’s research and development capabilities across the state’s academic institutions and business in support of Ohio-based Department of Defense federal partner needs, which ultimately promotes Ohio’s economic growth.

Key Dates & Events

OFRN Round 6 is seeking applied research only at a Technical Readiness Level (TRL) of 3 or higher.  Areas of Interest (AOIs) include topics in:

1. Hypersonics: 

  1. Gradient Printed Structures for High Thermal Gradient Applications 
  2. Novel Joining/Sealing Techniques for High-Speed Vehicle/Propulsion Systems 

2. Human Performance:

  1. Physiological and environmental monitoring for ocular health and human performance 
  2. XR telemedicine/patent care in austere/isolated environments 

3. High Power Energy Conversion:

  1. Affordable DC Emulation and Digital Engineering 
  2. Beta-Gallium Oxide (β-Ga2O3) Substrate Development 

4. Digital Engineering Tools:

  1. Techniques to convert between model fidelity levels or the development of surrogate models using machine learning and artificial intelligence tools for applications in complex engineering systems and digital twins
  2. Methods (low cost) model validation and assessment of digital maturity metrics

5. Commercial Space in Low Earth Orbit:

  1. Materials Joining Automation in Low Earth Orbit 
  2. On-Orbit Biomanufacturing and Repurposing of Space-based Materials 

6. Quantum Sensing Technologies:

  1. Stimulate the development and integration of quantum sensing technologies into quantum systems to realize broader quantum systems of enhanced capability

This announcement seeks to leverage Ohio’s unique research capabilities and its federal partner’s expertise to accelerate technology development and innovation by increasing collaboration across government, academic, and industry organizations and promoting student experiential learning.

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Submit Round 6 Solicitation questions to OFRN-Question@parallaxresearch.org

Team Matchmaking Services

 The Matchmaking tool was created for those wanting to pursue the OFRN Round 6 solicitation and in need of a required partner or a subcontractor with particular talents to fill a gap on the proposal, or wanting to offer services as a potential partner or subcontractor click here to go to the Matchmaking tool