Round 6 Matchmaking 

OFRN is providing this partnering and matchmaking service to help those that need to find a required partner(s) or are looking to join a team for an OFRN proposal. To assist in providing introductions, we need to know more about you, your organization, and your requirements for a partner(s). Please thoroughly complete the form below. You will be prompted to update or delete your information after six months of active inclusion to help keep our database current and up-to-date. OFRN will facilitate all requested introductions; it is up to you whether you choose to pursue them.

Sign-Up below to list skills sought for a required partner or to list your skills to join a team for an OFRN proposal

After signing up, to requestan introduction, select Partner Inquiry below

Partner Inquiry tips:

  • Check the ID# for the organization(s) with which you would be interested in meeting. As you make selections, the Partner IDs are automatically entered into the form at the bottom of the screen (note: the list is on multiple pages - to advance to the next page of the list select the naviigation arrow >> at the bottom of the list on the right. You can navigate to the precious page by selecting << at the bottom of the list on the left).
  • At the bottom of the screen, enter your contact information and select Get Started
  • We will review your request and send an email to connect you with the selected organization.