The Ohio Federal Research Network awards $7.5 million in grants to advance unmanned aerial systems innovations 

OFRN Press Release

DAYTON, Ohio -- The Ohio Federal Research Network (OFRN) today announced that it has awarded $7.5 million in grants to six projects in round four of the organization’s Sustaining Ohio Aeronautical Readiness and Innovation Next Generation (SOARING) initiative that supports research and development of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) such as personal air vehicles and logistics delivery air vehicles. 

SOARING funding leverages Ohio’s unique aerospace assets to assist recipients, listed below, in overcoming critical technical barriers and business challenges to enable more widespread adoption of [...]

Ohio Federal Research Network team demos battery with double lifespan

OFRN Press Release

(Springfield, OH)… An Ohio Federal Research Network (OFRN) project team, led by Dr. Vikas Prakash of Case Western Reserve University, successfully flew a drone outfitted with structural batteries for 171 minutes – nearly double the roughly 90-minute lifespan of a standard UAV battery —in a demo late February at Springfield-Beckley Municipal Airport in Ohio.

The project, Hi-Performance Multifunctional Structural Energy Storage, is one of 22 OFRN applied research projects. Leveraging the OFRN’s award of $450k, the project started in September 2016 to develop a new onboard energy storage [...]

Ohio Federal Research Network Pools Research on Next-Generation Battery

OFRN Press Release

(Dayton, Ohio)… A new Lithium-Sulfur battery being developed in an Ohio research collaboration can store two to three times as much energy as the most efficient Lithium-Ion battery on the market.

Over the past many years, groups like the United States Air Force and NASA have focused on improving the safety and stability of high energy density batteries. Dr. Jitendra Kumar, Senior Research Scientist at the University of Dayton Research Institute (UDRI) in partnership with Case Western Reserve (CWRU), is currently pursuing a high energy, long lasting, and most importantly, safer battery.

R [...]

Jet Engine Efficiency is Focus of Ohio Federal Research Network

OFRN Press Release

(Columbus, Ohio)… The hotter a jet engine can run, the more efficiently it can generate power.  Because of the cross-disciplinary applications for jet engines or gas turbines — from flying a military plane to powering electric generation— research into gas turbine efficiency appeals to researchers across Ohio’s universities, military labs, and aerospace industry.

Recent innovative efforts funded through the Ohio Federal Research Network (OFRN), and led by scientists at The Ohio State University (OSU), have been able to advance research improving jet turbine engines.

Dr. Randy Mathison [...]

Creating more Transparency when Humans Interact with Big Data

OFRN Press Release

(Dayton, Ohio) …Whether we are always aware of it, humans are interacting with machine learning programs, and their algorithms, more and more each day. Decisions such as which customer service operator you speak to, your credit score, or even how your car operates are all being decided by these programs.

According to Dr. Michael Raymer, a Wright State University computer science and engineering professor, “Algorithms that determine routine parts of our lives are being developed in a more complex way than the traditional ‘if this…then that’ decision making functions we were used to seeing.  [...]

OFRN Awards $6.3 million in Round 3 Grants to Advance UAV Innovations

OFRN Press Release

The Ohio Federal Research Network (OFRN) awarded $6.3 million to four teams in support of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) research and development (R&D). Funding was awarded under OFRN’s Sustaining Ohio's Aeronautical Readiness and Innovation in the Next Generation (SOARING) initiative, OFRN’s third round of R&D funding. The SOARING initiative is designed to expand Ohio’s leadership in defense and commercial aerospace research, development, and sustainment of unmanned air systems (UASs), personal air vehicles (PAVs), and logistics delivery air vehicles (LDVs). SOARING funding leverages Ohio’s [...]