AAM Collider

About the Event

The Advanced Air Mobility industry is growing at an unprecedented rate thanks in part to the investment by the U.S. Air Force, Department of Transportation, and NASA in programs like Agility Prime, DriveOhio, FlyOhio, Ohio UAS Center, the Ohio Federal Research Network and the NASA National Campaign. The Advanced Air Mobility Research and Transition Collider hosted by the Ohio Federal Research Network, DriveOhio, FlyOhio, Ohio UAS Center and JobsOhio, provides attendees the unique opportunity to connect with supply chain vendors and Original Equipment Manufacturers to innovative AAM-related research and development conducted by Ohio academia and small businesses.

Event Objective

Tell the Ohio AAM story, position Ohio as a strategic leader in AAM, assist with AAM industry networking in the state, achieve 100-person attendance 

For Industry

Ohio is poised, due to the many years working with Unmanned Aerial Systems and related technologies, to lead a third revolution in flight – Advanced Air Mobility.  Ohio’s investments – which include the DriveOhio, FlyOhio, Ohio UAS Center, SkyVision, the Ohio Federal Research Network, Remote Towers, UAS Traffic Management, etc.– have secured Ohio’s prominence as a leader in AAM. Ohio-based AAM-related companies and technologies will be represented at the AAM Research and Transition Collider and will participate in virtual booths where they will be open to networking, answering questions and discussing partnership development opportunities. Join our Collider to connect with Ohio AAM leadership and learn how to collaborate on the statewide AAM strategy.

For Academia

The Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) industry represents growth and attraction of many new jobs to Ohio, including but not limited to research and development and science and technology innovation; testing; manufacturing; maintenance, repair and overhaul; pilots and operators. The next generation of AAM expertise and innovation has been developed at Ohio’s state-of-the-art science, engineering and research universities, which rank among the best in the United States. These universities will be represented at the Collider and will provide attendees, such as companies seeking academic partnership in the process of AAM research and development and science and technology innovation, the opportunity to connect and discuss potential collaborations and team matchmaking. Attend this event to connect with Ohio’s academic leaders and discuss leading-edge AAM technologies, including Airspace Management, Command & Control, Communications, Power & Energy Storage, Propulsion, and Sensors & Awareness!

Virtual Booths

The event will feature virtual booths where companies, government entities, academic researchers, individual innovators and entrepreneurs can register to feature their capabilities and connect with Collider participants. This virtual booth registration is free and spots are limited and granted on a first come first serve basis. Development and management of the virtual booth is the responsibility of the participant. Virtual booth topics are as follows:

  1. Ohio Academia: Ohio universities will have an opportunity to showcase their AAM-related R&D and to facilitate development of future SBIR/STTR/OFRN teaming opportunities.  
  2. OFRN Awardees and Teams Past and Present: Showcase discrete AAM-related projects.
  3. Ohio-Based SBIR/STTR Awardees: Showcase discrete AAM-related projects that have received prior SBIR/STTR funding.  
  4. State and Federal Entities: Showcase AAM-related opportunities, strategies, and plans.  Discuss with stakeholders directly.  
  5. Ohio-Based Industry R&D Requirements: Ohio industry partners available to discuss their R&D requirements.   

Download virtual booth quad charts below