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Confirmed for Wednesday, November 18, 2020
Hosted by Becky Mescher

This virtual session follows the October 29th Pre-Release Notification of the Ohio Federal Research Network Round 5 SOARING Initiative Pre-Release Opportunity Announcement.

The pre-release is NOT a formal solicitation. The OFRN SOARING Initiative Round 5 opportunity announcement is subject to funding availability based upon a pending review and final determination of program objectives by OFRN. This pre-release is intended to provide an opportunity for questions and comments relating to the draft solicitation.

A copy of the pre-release document can be found at https://ohiofrn.org

This is one of two virtual OFRN Round 5 funding information sessions before the formal release of the OFRN SOARING Round 5 RFP. Each session will have the same structure. During the session, OFRN will give a brief overview of the pre-release document, and then OFRN federal partner participants will be available to address specific questions relating to the Areas of Interest.

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