Hybrid (virtual and in-person)

PTAC Live Demo

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Confirmed for Friday, December 2, 2022
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Join the Ohio PTAC for an exercise in market research and pipeline development using free and publicly available tools. We will spend time looking at the capabilities of multiple platforms including SAM, USAspending, and more. Making data driven decisions as a small business is vital to your success and growth...

NASA's Evening With The Stars

Event status
Confirmed for Wednesday, November 30, 2022 - Thursday, December 1, 2022

The Ohio Aerospace Institute is proud to host the eighth annual “Evening With The Stars” event at Windows on the River in Cleveland, to celebrate NASA Glenn Research Center’s unique research and technology innovations and to feature local NASA stars sharing the following engaging presentations:

NACA to NASA Glenn Research...

DARPA Forward Advancing the Horizons of National Security

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Hybridevent ended
Confirmed for Tuesday, October 4, 2022

DARPA Forward is taking national security innovation on the road. From August to December 2022, six regional events held at leading research and development universities nationwide will connect Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency leaders with new communities of talent and partnerships. The ultimate goal: to energize regional and national innovation ecosystems, fuel breakthroughs in national security, and help deliver...

Inaugural Aerospace LNG Workshop

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Hybridevent ended
Confirmed for Tuesday, July 19, 2022 - Friday, July 22, 2022
This inaugural workshop explores LNG (liquefied natural gas) as an additional fuel option for aviation.  When prepared from Renewable Natural Gas, LNG is both carbon-neutral and sustainable.  LNG already enjoys applicability in ground, maritime, space, and installation domains supported by a massive infrastructure. LNG is a low-pressure cryogenic fluid enabling...

Collider: Teaming to Win Gov Contracts - A Partnership Approach to BD

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Hybridevent ended
Confirmed for Thursday, March 10, 2022

Teaming to Win Government Contracts -- A Partnership Approach to Business Development

Goal: Provide an effective business development approach to teaming and building pursuits for the purpose of winning federal contracts.

Learning Points:

  • Review Building a Partner Pipeline
  • About Identifying and Qualifying Pursuits
  • Understand the Probability of Winning
  • Creating a...

Collider: Lifting and Shifting Software Applications to the Cloud

Event status
Hybridevent ended
Confirmed for Thursday, January 27, 2022

This will be a Hybrid Collider, In-Person and Virtual; the SB Hub has increased its Collider Outreach to across the entire USA. When registering to attend the event please let us know if you will be attending in-person or virtually - we have room for 80 in-person attendees.

The Small...