Our Services

In order to produce exceptional value for our clients, partners and projects, the Ohio Federal Research Network (OFRN) organizes its capabilities into service areas that are distinct by strength and strategy but are naturally woven together. This allows our team to deliver exceptional solutions to complex issues. 

OFRN workforce development

Commercialization & Workforce Development

The OFRN has the major objective to grow our research talent base statewide, retain/create new jobs in Ohio and commercialize federally funded technology for federal and public sectors. To achieve these objectives, the OFRN has identified a key suite of commercialization & workforce development services that are available to our currently funded projects:

  • Multi-phase proactive approach for the commercialization of OFRN-funded technologies
  • Identification, pursuit, and capture of private sector funded research based upon OFRN capabilities and areas of interest
  • Data analytics for business solutions
OFRN federal funding


The OFRN is not an investment fund. The bulk of the OFRN financial resources are entrusted by The Ohio Legislature and earmarked for various projects identified by the OFRN partners and collaborators. The OFRN has the major objective to attract outside public and private investment to fund research and development projects that solve defense challenges. To achieve this objective, the OFRN has identified a key suite of federal funding services that are available to our currently-funded projects:

OFRN networking & collaboration

Networking, Collaboration & Team Matchmaking

The OFRN utilizes networking and collaboration as solutions to innovation gaps present within Ohio-based federal entities. The OFRN’s networking and collaboration service identifies science and technology capabilities across academia, industry and the government and builds strategic partnerships between each group to support federal missions. To achieve this objective, the OFRN has identified a key suite of networking and collaboration services that are available to our currently funded projects:

OFRN education and training

Education & Training

The OFRN education and training service offers in-person mentoring, training programs and educational content that is focused on increasing academic and industry engagement and partnerships with federal and state agencies for science and technology research and development. The curriculum covers: