Sweat Sensing Research Making Breakthroughs in Noninvasive Biochemical Data Collection

OFRN Press Release

OFRN PRESS RELEASE – June 26, 2018

(Cincinnati, Ohio) … Every day, vast amounts of data are being collected about us from our cell phones, computers, and even our homes, yet the ways to gather data from the human body in a non-invasive manner are still limited.  However, Dr. Jason Heikenfeld, an electrical engineering researcher and Professor at the University of Cincinnati, working in partnership with researchers at Air Force Research Laboratory in Dayton is making strides in the field of biochemical sensing and gathering useable data from just simple daily sweat.

The research has been [...]

Ohio Researchers from Academia, Government and Business Work to Create More Trust in Autonomous Systems

OFRN Press Release

(Dayton, Ohio) ….  Autonomous vehicles are increasingly becoming part of the public discourse. Last year, Ohio passed legislation to allow autonomous delivery robots on sidewalks and just this past month, Governor John Kasich signed an executive order to fast track the testing of autonomous vehicles in the State of Ohio.  But what happens when the software in self-driving cars, drones and vehicles of all types have errors or get hacked? What happens when errors or disturbances cause a GPS outage and they epend on systems like GPS to navigate? How can we have confidence these vehicles will [...]

Motion Sickness linked to Lower Back Pain for many U.S. Naval Aircrew

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What’s the number one complaint for U.S. Navy Aircrew? Surprisingly enough, one of the top issues for Naval aircrew is lower back pain – something to which most of us can relate.  But in the US military, lower back pain is linked to motion sickness and for military pilots, that can lead to life and death situations. More than a quarter of all fatal military flight accidents are caused by spatial disorientation— commonly known as motion sickness— which on average claims dozens of lives every year. What many do not know is that it also takes a heavy toll on civilians.  Experts estimate that 5-10 [...]

Ohio Engineering Team Leading Way in Smart Material Research

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From aviation, to automation, to biomedicine, one consistent problem engineers are working to improve is the science of creating motion, known as actuation. Researchers have been studying smart material-based actuation for over five decades.   As simple as it seems, actuation is incredibly difficult to produce, especially in a way that mimics organic motion. Anything from the motion of flight surfaces on a wing of an airplane to a prosthetic limb involves precise actuation.

Recently, a team of engineers in Ohio is examining additive manufacturing as a new fabrication methodology to harness [...]

Building a Better Battery through the Ohio Federal Research Network

OFRN Press Release

Whether it’s for a cell phone, laptop, or camera, people always complain about their
batteries. The problems remain the same – the amount of time needed between recharge as well as the
overall life of the battery itself.

Dr. Yu Zhu, an assistant professor of polymer science from the University of Akron, is leading a project to
fix those problems and build a better battery.

Funded in part by a unique statewide initiative – the Ohio Federal Research Network (OFRN) – Dr. Zhu’s
team is working to develop advanced materials that will improve a battery’s cyclability – the number of
times [...]