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The Ohio Federal Research Network’s (OFRN) funded project “Affordable LIDAR Technologies for Integration and Unmanned Deployment (ALTITUDE)” held an event for the project’s Student Experiential Engagement (SEE) participants, on Tuesday, April 19, 2022, at the University of Dayton. The project team included The Ohio State University, the University of Dayton, Sinclair Community College, and SK Infrared.

Dr. Chris Ball, the research scientist at Ohio State’s ElectroScience Laboratory gave an overview of the project.
The students’ presentation topics included growth and characterization of infrared detectors, fabrication, testing of detector arrays, and designs for lidar scanners and electronics. The students were:

  • Alexander Skender (University of Dayton)
  • Alexander Trimbach (Ohio State)
  • Amber Arquitola (Ohio State)
  • Brandon Jacob (Sinclair)
  • Mariah Schwartz (Ohio State)
  • Matali Singh (Ohio State)
  • Nathan Gajowski (Ohio State)
  • Samuel Gillespie (Ohio State)
  • Sophie Mills (Ohio State)
  • Tristan Giardullo (Sinclair)

OFRN Program Manager Matt Bush, OFRN Program Coordinator Becky Mescher, Parallax Advanced Research STEM Manager Gretchen Capogna, and the project’s government experts Dr. Charles Reyner and Dr. Josh Duran from the Air Force Research Laboratory and Jen Jordan from NASA Glenn attended the event.

“This event highlighted the incredible talent produced by Ohio’s world-class institutes of higher education and the cutting-edge research for development that the OFRN partners are engaging in,” said Bush.

“This was a great opportunity to interface with the next generation of Ohio-based engineers and scientists, as well as network with our team and associated colleagues,” said Project Principal Investigator and George R. Smith Chair of Electrical & Computer Engineering at Ohio State, Dr. Sanjay Krishna.


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