Xerion Advanced Battery Corp. has developed and is commercializing battery technologies based upon StructurePore™, a nanostructured, 3-D conductive foam, and DirectPlate™, a manufacturing method which directly deposits the battery materials via electroplating. Together these technologies form a platform that supports the building of batteries with custom properties such as high power, high energy, fast charge, and reduced cost.

Xerion was founded in 2010 in Champaign, IL with a mission to commercialize a 3-D conductive foam that had originally been developed by the Braun Research Group at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. StructurePore™ is the latest generation of this original foam. Today, Xerion is a growing, early-stage company headquartered in Kettering, Ohio in a facility which also houses comprehensive R&D and prototyping facilities. Xerion also operates an advanced R&D facility in Champaign, IL with a focus on new and next generation battery technologies. Xerion is planning a commercial pilot-scale manufacturing facility in the Dayton, Ohio area.

Xerion is positioned as a battery technology company, with a versatile array of battery technologies under development. This is made possible by our diverse R&D team of materials scientists, chemists, electrochemists and engineers. Xerion prides itself on creating a dynamic workplace with a holistic approach to life. This approach has allowed us to recruit and retain a world-class team capable of rapidly innovating solutions to customer problems.

Xerion has been undergoing an in-depth exploration of markets where our technologies would have the most impact, with strong early traction in portable electronics, hybrid and all-electric vehicles, power tools, drones and military applications.