Galois specializes in the research and development of new technologies that solve the most difficult problems in computer science. We are passionate about the trustworthiness of critical systems, and work to ensure that the systems you depend on work as intended, and only as intended. Our team works closely with clients to achieve a balance between the privacy/cost/speed challenges involved in making systems more trustworthy. We care deeply about real-world use of our R&D efforts and work diligently to transition them into use. Many of our researchers joined Galois from academia and elsewhere in pursuit of more impact. Our clients, like those listed at the bottom of the page, derive value working with us as trusted advisors, and hold us to high standards for the actual production of algorithms and code that embody our work together. Galois is a privately held U.S.-owned and -operated company established in 1999 in Portland, Oregon. We were founded on core principles that are central to how we function. We believe that we can and should derive joy from our work, be authentic and trustworthy in all of our interactions, and cherish the opportunity to develop and steward new technology.