Flightprofiler's technology reduces Controlled Flight into Terrain (CFIT) and Loss of Control (LOC) by enabling VTOL, UAS, GA & ATC to effectively manage vehicle movement with respect to weather constraints. This is accomplished by providing real-time, 3D atmospheric situational awareness, including for Low Altitude & Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) airspace. Among other benefits, this helps reduce inadvertent VFR flight into IMC and prevent violations of Federal Aviation Regulations.

It is an enabling technology for Advanced Air Mobility (AAM), Urban Air Mobility (UAM), General Aviation (GA) and the Military. It is a flight tested, TRL7 tech that can be used in vehicle cockpits or at ground support stations.

Due to the advanced nature of their work, their live & operational cutting-edge technology is protected behind a firewall and not publicly displayed.