The Ohio Federal Military Jobs Commission (OFMJC) tasked Wright State Applied Research Corporation, now Parallax Advanced Research, and The Ohio State University (OSU) in November 2014 to frame a requirements-driven R&D initiative that would address emerging mission requirements for the US Air Force and National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in which Wright-Patterson Air Force Base (WPAFB) and NASA Glenn Research Center (NASA-GRC) play significant roles.   

The key goals were to:  

  • leverage the State of Ohio’s R&D investment  
  • capitalize on federal and university research assets  
  • integrate Ohio firms and industrial partners into the proposed projects aligned with operational user needs  
  • better prepare and train universities and firms in Ohio to compete for federal funding  
  • facilitate the transition of government funded technology to commercial markets  
  • create the jobs, processes and firms of tomorrow in Ohio  
  • to differentiate Ohio from other states relative to its commitment and support of our national defense and civil space missions    

The 2015 strategic planning effort resulted in the organization of Ohio’s universities and community colleges around the future research priorities of WPAFB and NASA-GRC through the creation of the OFRN.   

The OFRN projects and activities were directly aligned with WPAFB and NASA-GRC strategic priorities, and both of these organizations provided university researchers with insights into the requirements for each of the priority research areas.   

As a result of the above referenced strategic planning process in collaboration with the members of the OFMJC, the State supported the establishment of the OFRN to leverage federal, university, and commercial capabilities to support the future of WPAFB and NASA-GRC, while retaining and creating new jobs within Ohio. On 10 December 2015, the Ohio Department of Higher Education contracted out the management of the Defense/Aerospace Workforce Development Initiative to the Parallax Advanced Research. OFRN has been and continues to be an active participant and supporter of both the Ohio Aerospace and Aviation Council (OAAC) and the state government supported Ohio Aerospace and Aviation Technology Council (OAATC).     

Our Core Competencies

  • Identify priority research areas that meet significant national requirements of the Air Force Research LaboratoryNational Air and Space Intelligence CenterNASA Glenn Research Center and Naval Medical Research Unit leadership to support their missions and long-term viability within Ohio’s federal research portfolio
  • Identify existing Ohio universities and private sector capabilities and potential initiatives that align with federal research requirements
  • Leverage resources and capabilities by aligning with significant and complementary programs, projects and initiatives in Ohio
  • Build on existing best practices nationally that create an innovative, proactive and sustainable enterprise for Ohio
  • Provide financial resources to stand up investment in research technology commercialization initiatives primarily through the Ohio Department of Higher Education Budget
  • Provide linkages to relevant Ohio business pursuit/capture activities